In Psalm 23, the Lord is described as a shepherd who cares for his sheep completely, leading them to green pastures and still waters (physical care) and restoring their souls and leading in righteous paths (spiritual care).  Being Presbyterian means a church that is led by representative elders and deacons.  Elders, pastors and men elected by the congregation, are responsible for the spiritual care of the members of the church.  Deacons are men from the congregation who have been chosen to lead in the physical care of the church, both people and property.  Together, the elders and deacons represent the full care of Christ who cares for his church in body and soul.  


Rev. Scott Phillips - Senior Pastor

Rev. Matt Miller - Assistant Pastor

John Fair

Charley McCool

Glenn Peters

Mike Triplett

Will Hill

Mike Forster

Gene Davis

Sam Suttle


Roger Caperton

Jay McCown

David Willers

John Brownlee

Robert Higginbotham

Dan Mittan

Kevin Hudson

Steven Holman

Church Staff

Dawn Wigington - Secretary

Henry Hardy - Custodian

Sarah Hill - Director of Music

Betty Triplett - Organist

Carol Higginbotham - Pianist

Rosie Triplett - Nursery

Kate Parish - Nursery

Kelly Black - Kitchen Director