The Church is a worldwide organization with a united mission: to honor Jesus Christ by showing the world who he is, what he has done and what it looks like when he is trusted and followed. As part of that mission, First Presbyterian Church partners with missionaries dedicated to seeing the Church's work established and growing locally, nationally and internationally.

  • Ian and Hanna Hammond

    Ian and Hanna have started an RUF-I ministry, college ministry to international students, at Northwestern University.

  • Larry Walker

    After working for years in inner city ministry in Milwaukee and Chattanooga,Larry and his family moved to Philadelphia in 2016 to work for Liberti Church leading the church’s outreach to the city.

  • Kiel and Lara Higginbotham

    Kiel played baseball at Belhaven University and then coached for a little while before joining the FCA Staff. He and Lara are now working to grow  the number of and care for the FCA staff in SW MS to reach coaches and athletes for Christ.

  • Brad and Patty Wos

    Brad now serves as the Central District EFCA Director of Multi-Cultural ministries. After serving Jesus for 14 years in South Africa and then 4 years in St. Louis doing sports outreach ministries, Brad has developed a heart that is passionate to reach the many cultures that are making their home in the "heartland" of America, our Central District.

  • Mark and Raylene Casson

    Mark is the director of Metanoia Prison Ministries. He first came to follow Jesus while he was in prison, and his faith grew through people who reached him with teaching from the Bible. Now he is burdened to give men and women in prison the same life-changing opportunity to follow Christ as he received.

  • Franklin and Beth

    Place and ministry undisclosed.

  • Marc and Aline Mailloux

    From 1987-1997 Marc and Aline worked planting churches in the Marseille area. In 1998, they began a ministry amongst the thousands of spiritually receptive French-speaking Haitians of South Florida, teaching in a Haitian Bible school, and doing daily evangelistic radio broadcasts on a Quebecois radio program. Marc makes regular teaching trips to Haiti and to French West Africa, while Aline is busy correcting the theological theses of future Haitian pastors. 

  • Don and Fran McNeill

    Don and Fran spent many years on the field in Uganda but have recently expanded their ministry of theological education for indigenous pastors broadly in Sub-Saharan Africa. Don travels to study centers in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Congo teaching and distributing resources to train pastors and church leaders in an area that is seeing significant church growth.

  • Ash and Betsy Aeschliman

    Using a mobile-clinic model, they minister compassionate care with prayer and evangelism along side church planters and national pastors. Ash and Betsy are active in recruiting healthcare professionals and non-medical volunteers for teams. Betsy also trains medical mission leaders.

  • Jon and Katie

    Place and ministry undisclosed.

  • Clay and Darlene Quarterman

    The Quartermans served 14 years in Portugal, planting Presbyterian churches and teaching in a Bible college; in 1993 they transitioned to Ukraine. The Ukraine team started 12 Presbyterian churches and founded the Evangelical Reformed Seminary of Ukraine (ERSU), where Clay is professor.

  • Nate and Nikki Bonham

    The Bonham spent their first year on the mission field in Bogotá, Colombia, where they attended language school and worked with a new church plant. In December 2013, they arrived in Arequipa, Peru, where they and their team began a new work. Arequipa, the second largest city in Peru, has a population of over 1 million with a very small evangelical presence. There is much work to be done and they hope to serve indefinitely.

  • Josh and Emily Kines

    Josh has been involved in starting new churches from the very beginning of his ministry. He has had the privilege of being involved in starting new churches in Nashville, TN, Madison, MS, Bogota, Colombia, and Arequipa, Peru. The Kines family moved to Lafayette, LA in June 2015 to plant Parish Church.

  • Glen and Frances Camenisch

    Both Glenn and Frances were raised in Brazil by parents who were missionaries.  After seminary, they made plans to return as missionaries to Brazil, but the Lord closed the door and led them to Europe, where they have served in Portugal with a small, native Presbyterian denomination since 1979.

  • John and Kathy Lesondak

    John and Kathy began their missionary journey planting a church in the Seychelles Islands before spending the next 30 years in Kenya, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. They are currently serving in the second-largest city in Slovakia: Košice. Their ministries include teaching several pottery and quilting classes, leading Bible studies and overseeing a preschool among the poor.

  • Ray and Michele Call

    The Call family served five years in border ministry along the U.S./Mexico border before transitioning to Uruguay where they have joined church planters and missionaries from the P.C.A. and the O.P.C. (the Orthodox Presbyterian Church) establishing strong churches in Latin America.

  • Eric and Sara Beth

    Place and ministry undisclosed.

  • Rebecca White

    In 1991 Becky joined the faculty at Christ’s College, a four-year Christian college that seeks to strengthen the church in Taiwan through educating, evangelizing, and discipling Chinese students. Teaching English at the college offers Becky opportunities both to educate from a Christian perspective and to build relationships for deeper ministry with students through counseling and prayer. 

  • Ellie Honea

    Ellie was born and dedicated to the Lord as an infant just south of Tokyo. Experiencing a two-week mission trip to Japan during college, she returned, after college, to Tokyo for a two-year term, building relationships with the Japanese as a musician, teacher, student, and friend. During that time, she saw God powerfully using music and the arts to encourage Japanese Christians (which make up only 0.3 percent of the population) and to function as a bridge between non-Christian communities and the church. She continues to serve in Japan as a long-term missionary with Community Arts Tokyo, supporting church planting through music and arts ministry.

  • Madeline Hogue

    Madeline grew up at FPC before going to Mississippi State where she became a part of RUF's ministry as a student.  After experiencing what God had done in her life while a student, she joined the staff of RUF as an intern, working with the campus staff at the University of Georgia.